For pasting gypsum board and gypsum-phaser

Composition and properties: For indoor and outdoor use
For pasting gypsum board, gypsum-phaser on brick, gas concrete and concrete walls with or without plaster or ground coat, for pasting gypsum ornaments and other. It can be used for rough work on walls and ceilings.

Application: It is applied in the form of balls with a distance of 25-30 cm between each other. Set upright against the wall and press gently. Make even with a level. Do not use glue layer thicker than 20 mm.

Consumption norm: 4-5 kg/m2 average

Supply form: 20 kg paper bags, 50 bags/1000 kg per pallet

Storage: in dry places, over wooden grills in the original closed package for around 6 months.

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