Composition and properties:

Powdered, water and cold resisting, treated with mineral fillers and polymer additives, hydraulic binding.

Application: To level concrete plates between floors and cement based before installing floor coverings (carpets, PVC surface, parquet and other).

Base: Dry, solid, with the needed loading ability, stable form, free of dust, oils and unstable parts. The product is applicable on:

  • All usual building bases – concrete and cement-sand putty
  • Smooth shuttering concrete
  • Porcelain tiles
  • In wet rooms

Product data: Supply form: 25 kg paper bags
Storage: in dry places in the original closed package for 12 months.

Consumption rate: 1.5 kg/m? 1 mm film

Making the mix:In clean vessel pour the mix into water and stir until it homogenizes for about 2-3 min.
P5.5 liter/25 kg

Application:Spill consecutively bucket after bucket and with the use of a comb drag at a 45 degrees angle toward the base. Use the roller with spikes to eliminate all bubbles.
Following work: 24-72 hours after work

Safety regulation:Any specific information according to composition, danger, cleaning and dumping can be viewed in the safety list.
Important instructions
  • Follow the norms, instructions and technical map regarding the base
  • Do not apply at temperatures below +5 C
  • High air humidity and low temperatures slow down the binding process while high temperatures speed up the process.

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